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Welcome to the EEN

The purpose of the EEN (Exa's Education Network) is a simple one, to ensure that Exa's schools get access to the best software, hardware and services at the best possible prices.

All of the EEN's partners have guaranteed that this is the place where you will get the best possible price for their services.
The EEN is a Not For Profit part of Exa Networks and Exa makes no profit from the recommendation of the products or services that are available.

One of the original concepts behind broadband consortia and grid for learning were to offer schools the benefits of buying services in bulk, at prices far cheaper than were available on a per school basis. Unfortunately this concept, in most cases, got lost or eroded over the years, to the point where not only were the services no longer cheaper, in many cases, they were more expensive than schools could have obtained directly.

All of the partners have been vetted, and where applicable, their services tested, to ensure it meets Exa's high standards, and that it is a product or service that schools have told us they actually want!

The other part of the EEN is a replacement service for the old National Education Network (NEN); whilst many schools have told us they no longer, or indeed never used the network, several local authorities do like to use the secure JaNET network to transfer data from school to authority and back. JaNET ran/run the NEN, and the EEN is our branded version of this network, available at absolutely no extra cost to any school on Exa's internet connections.

Over the coming months and years, we will continue to expand the EEN and the benefits to our customers, and if you have any ideas of services or products you think should be part of the EEN then please email us at info@een.org.uk, or complete the form.


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